Schwinn Le Tour – 1983

The Philosophy of the Force

Star Wars is ubiquitous.

“May the force be with you.” Is a phrase known across the globe. Culturally relevant to a slightly lesser extent, but on a similar scale, is the concept of the dichotomy between the Light and Dark sides of the Force. As the central magical conflict in the Star Wars franchise, it is the quintessential good vs. evil struggle that casts the setting solidly in a fantasy mold.

However, there is depth there that is generally unexplored in regard to the Jedi vs. Sith: I like to think that the Star Wars force conflict has been subject to overt and egregious Jedi propaganda manipulation. 

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Used Bikes

Nice BikeTODAY – We will get you on a bike. I dunno how that will be possible through the internet, but it sounds like the right thing to say.

More realistically, what we will do is to give you a checklist if you are ever looking at a used bike, say, off Craigslist.

Long story short: Rust is really bad, wrecked wheels and tires are really bad, a clean bike is really good, and things generally shouldn’t wobble, squeak, or rattle at all. More in-depth suggestions below!

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As always, CSS is weird.

I was under the mistaken impression that using column-count would easily replace a number of silly UL based approaches for siloed content, navigation, etc. Turns out not so much. It is really good at doing what it was built for, which is to flow text content through columns like a newspaper. Trying to use it or specific layout is… problematic.

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Stolen From the Internet.

“It doesn’t take talent to practice.”


“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”


“When talent works hard, hard work alone is fucked”


“Sometimes talent can half-ass it and still beat hard work.”

Sounds like life is too complicated to fit in a soundbyte.

The Force Stumbles Out of Bed



This is not going to be a happy review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

I did not like the movie, hopefully that helps set the tenor of what is to follow. There will indeed be spoilers, but I will put them down in the second section of the review, where I start talking specifics. That section looks to have gotten siginificantly more… colorful… in terms of language as well, but I’ll provide plenty of warning before we get there, don’t worry :-j

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Bike Makes: Schwinn

The best measure of one’s expertise in a field is not what one knows, but what one is aware they don’t know. As a person climbs up the ramp to proficiency in a skill, the amount of visible depth of complexity explodes in their face, forcing them to confront how much there is to learn. I am just at the beginning of my path into the realm of bicycle maintenance and repair.

With that said, I do have some impressions regarding brands that have held up to my experience thus far. There are a LOT of bike brands, and I will only cover those that I have been working with often here. You will also not find many specifics, mostly because I still don’t have too much of a clue. Consider that my disclaimer.

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